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Below are excerpts from Sandra Ingermans' August 2011 and September 2011 Transmutation News.


Sandra Ingerman's August 2011 Transmutation News!

I have some incredibly exciting news to announce!!

In 2004 I co-partnered with the University of Michigan School of Integrative Medicine to do a pilot research on how Medicine for the Earth practices could help people who have suffered a heart attack.
Dr. Sara Warber was the primary investigator.
There were three randomized study groups. There was one group of participants who took a four day workshop with me on Medicine for the Earth. I was assisted by Kate Durda who is an amazing teacher in Michigan listed on

Another group participated in a Life Style Change Program where participants learned about the importance of nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management. They learned how to practice meditation and yoga.

The third group received usual medical care.

The results of the study are now published by Explore Journal of Science and Healing. This is such an exciting study as we were able to show the benefit of practicing Medicine for the Earth work for people who have suffered heart attacks.

The manuscript of the Healing the Heart study can be downloaded for a fee by clicking on the following link:
I do hope you will download it and read the paper. It has taken many years for the paper to finally be finished and published. I do trust that the timing is now right to share the power of healing that comes from the Medicine for the Earth work.

In the September Transmutation News I will write about some of the practices that we did in the four day workshop. All the practices came from my book "e;Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins"e;.

2011 February Update: We are happy to announce that "e;HEALING the HEART" manuscript has been accepted for publication in 'Explore: the Journal of Science and Healing' The publication date is sometime in late Summer, 2011. We will post the article here once it is published!

2010 October update:

Collaboration with Sandy Ingerman and with the University of Michigan in a pilot study of Heart Attack Survivors and the Medicine for the Earth work resulted in a paper submitted for publication in October!

"Healing the Heart: a randomized pilot study of a spiritual retreat for depression in acute coronary syndrome patients"

We are also planning future research! Stay tuned!!


Sandra Ingerman's September 2011 Transmutation News!


Last month I said I would write more about the Healing the Heart study I conducted with University of Michigan Integrative Medicine.

The study was published in the July issue of Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

The manuscript of the Healing the Heart study can be downloaded for a fee by clicking on the following link:

Heart patients who participated in a four-day Medicine for the Earth retreat that included techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, drumming, journal writing and outdoor activities saw immediate improvement in tests measuring depression and hopefulness. Those improvements persisted at three- and six-month follow-up measurements.

The study was the first randomized clinical trial to demonstrate an intervention that raises hope in patients with acute coronary syndrome, a condition that includes chest pain and heart attack.

"The study shows that a spiritual retreat like the Medicine for the Earth program can jumpstart and help to maintain a return to psycho-spiritual well-being," says study lead author Sara Warber, M.D., associate professor of family medicine at the U-M Medical School and director of U-M's Integrative Medicine program. "These types of interventions may be of particular interest to patients who do not want to take antidepressants for depression symptoms that often accompany coronary heart disease and heart attack."

The retreat group was compared to two other groups: one received standard cardiac care and the other participated in a lifestyle change retreat run by the U-M Cardiovascular Center that focused on nutrition, physical exercise and stress management.

The study used a number of standard mental and physical benchmarks to assess the success of the program.

The spiritual retreat group went from a baseline score of 12 on the Beck Depression Inventory, indicating mild to moderate depression, to an improved score of 6 immediately afterward, a 50-percent reduction. Their scores remained that low half a year later. The lifestyle group saw their scores drop from 11 to 7 and remain there. The control group's score started at 8 and went down to 6.

Participants also showed marked improvement in their scores on a test measuring hope. Scores on the State Hope Scale can range from 6 to 48, with higher scores indicating greater hope. All three study groups started with average scores between 34 and 36. After the Medicine for the Earth retreat, participants' average scores rose and stayed at 40 or above, while the other two groups' averages remained significantly lower, ranging from 35 to 38, three and six months later.

"Our work adds an important spiritual voice to the current discussion of the importance of psychological well-being for patients facing serious medical issues, such as acute coronary artery disease," Warber says.

The workshop I taught was based on what I wrote inMedicine for the Earth. I taught the workshop in Michigan in 2004 and the majority of participants were very religious and would not be open to working with helping spirits or shamanic practices.

In teaching the workshop in Michigan all the practices were very powerful for our group.  I just adapted my vocabulary to match the vocabulary that the participants could understand and work with.

This in itself is a powerful teaching. We oftentimes get so attached to feeling a need to use certain vocabulary when we teach spiritual practices. We must be flexible with our words to reach a broader audience with the work.

After the workshop in 2004 I wrote How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and then a couple of years later How to Thrive in Changing Times.

In both these books I was able to share the Medicine for the Earth work in ways that I felt could be understood by an audience of all beliefs and religions.

I know that these books are not all available in the languages that the Transmutation News is translated into. To get a book published in another language requires an interested publisher. At least one of these three books is published in almost all the languages.

If you are interested in teaching the Medicine for the Earth (MFTE) work to others in your community you might consider reading these books and adapt some of the exercises and practices given.

Below is a list of just some of the principles and practices we worked with:

We worked with the formula for transmutation and transformation: intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transformation.

Our perception creates our reality. If we believe we can create a life filled with good health then we will and can. As we learn how to appreciate the beauty of life our life reflects back that beauty. 

We can perceive a person as healthy or ill. Spiritual teachings share when we perceive a person in their perfect health we help to lift them into a state of perfection. 

Everything in our physical world starts in the invisible realms. This means our train of thoughts effect our health on all levels. The words we use also create the world we live in.  Thoughts and words are "the as within" that create "the as without".

When one looks at creation stories from around the world you can observe that most cultures believe that the world was created from a sound or word. And words are seen to have great creative power.

We used meditation to breathe through our hearts and to learn how to observe our thoughts and state of being. We used meditation to disidentify from our emotional triggers.

We used journaling to write out thoughts, words, and decrees we wished to focus on throughout the day to lead us to our desired outcome.

We worked with creating a state of well being by using our imagination engaging all of our senses to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the experience of the life we wish to create. In our workshop I had participants use their imaginations to see, hear, feel, taste, smell the experience of a life where they were healthy and happy. If you need more information on how to do this please read the May 2011 Transmutation News.

We used guided imagery to help participants discover their own story of creation so that they could understand the principle of union with the divine. An exercise to do this was written in the October 2010 Transmutation News.

We focused on how being out in nature helps us to regain a sense of well- being as we are connected to nature. And the earth, air, water, and the sun give us life. We went outside to sit with a tree as a time to relax and feel our connection with the heartbeat of the earth. And then we took short walks in nature while appreciating all that the earth, water, air, and the sun give us so that we may thrive.

We meditated on our life as a garden. We reflected on the thoughts and words we seeded our garden with. To have healthy lives we need to plant seeds in our inner garden of hope, inspiration, and love with our thoughts and words.

We asked for a healing dream before going to bed at night.

We learned how to transfigure into our divine light.

With the work that we did in the MFTE group we did a simple ceremony to imagine ourselves traveling deep into our bodies until we experienced our inner spiritual light. Then we experienced the flow of our spiritual light and radiated it out to the other members of our circle. In this way we experienced everyone in the circle in their divine perfection feeding the health of each participant in our circle.

One easy method I write about in How to Thrive in Changing Times is to imagine our body and mind being a beautiful coat over our spirit. Just unzip your coat and step out as pure divine light. Once you have had the experience zip back up your coat remembering the truth of who you truly are.

Another simple way I write about is imagine yourself merging with a star in the night sky. A star is light and radiates that light effortlessly for millions of miles. Imagine yourself being a shining star in the night sky.

After the four-day workshop, participants were encouraged to keep up a daily practice of transfiguration and also to keep perceiving everyone who was in our group in their divine light. And also each person was encouraged to feel the love of the circle throughout each day.

And I also encouraged the group to take in all the elements as light. Participants were taught to breathe in air, drink water, eat food, and take in the sun as love and light.

The practice is to allow our cells to absorb love and light throughout the day allowing radiance to shine through us creating a state of health and well being. 

Participants were asked to create sacred space in their home and office by bringing in special objects. Decrees, words, inspirational images, flowers, candles, etc. can be placed in our space to remind us of our divinity.

Each person in our circle was amazed at the depth of the growth and healing that came from the practices they were taught during this four-day workshop. But they were also so touched by the love and support of the circle, and this was a new and life changing experience for them.

There were so many personal stories filled with emotion when we shared how the practices touched each person during and after the workshop when we continued our follow up.

At some point I hope to be able to pull together these wonderful stories to share with others as a source of inspiration. For as we know the heart filled stories shared by participants speak to the results in a deeper way than statistical data. 


Healing the Heart Pilot Research: Background Information by Kate Durda

Beginning in February,2004, I participated in a collaborative research study with the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Department, and Sandy Ingerman on the influences of Medicine for the Earth work with survivors of heart attacks. I was privileged to assist Sandy with the 4 day MFE workshop, which was very exciting! I also personally did follow-up phone counseling every two weeks with group members, for a three month post-intervention period, to support them in the Medicine for the Earth practices!

The results are soon to be finalized. We have very positive preliminary data, and are very excited about this work. This is groundbreaking research, and those of you who have done the MFE practice know how powerful it is. STAY TUNED for more!! I will write more about the study when the results are finalized.


For now.. here is the official research abstract from the University of Michigan's website.

Healing the Heart: A Pilot Research Study

Time period for subject recruitment (start/end dates):

This study completed recruitment in April 2005.


The study will examine the effect of Medicine for the Earth or a Lifestyle Change Program on depression, anxiety, stress, quality of life and cardiovascular health of patients who are recovering from heart attack. Research participants will be randomized into one of three groups:

Medicine for the Earth: facilitated by Sandra Ingerman; Individuals in this group will participate in a 4-day weekend workshop learning ancient spiritual practices to help reconnect with the spirit of nature and improve overall health.

Lifestyle Change Program: Individuals will participate in a 4-day weekend workshop learning the importance of nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, and group support to overall health.

Control group: Individuals will continue with their regular treatment. At the end of the study, participants from this group will have the option of joining another Medicine for the Earth workshop.

Outcomes of interest include depression, quality of life, anxiety, social support, and interconnectedness. Participant self report on a variety of validated scales will be assessed at baseline, immediately following the interventions, at 3 months post intervention and at 6 months post intervention. A sub-sample will have blood taken at all time points for measurement of lipid profiles and C-reactive protein.