Spirit Weavers is an organization dedicated to providing shamanic healing and experiential training in Shamanism.   We are located in Michigan, with programs offered in mid-Michigan, and within and outside of the state.

This organization was founded by Kate Durda and Stephanie Tighe in 1997.  They offer shamanic healing work, teach workshops in the United States and Canada, provide training in healing techniques, and work to create shamanic community. They also bring some of the top teachers of shamanism to Michigan.

They are members of:

Foundation for Shamanic Studies www.shamanism.org
            Shamanic Teachers & Practitioners                   www.shamanicteachers.org
Medicine for the Earth Teachers/Practitioners www.medicinefortheearth.com
Society for Shamanic Practitioners www.shamansociety.org



Michael Harner
I circle around, I circle around the boundaries of the earth
I circle around, I circle around the boundaries of the earth
Wearing my long winged feathers as I fly
Wearing my long winged feathers as I fly

Thank you for all your teachings. 
Deep gratitude and appreciation.

Upcoming Workshops/Events

Check our workshops page for information on all events.


Shamanism Without Borders
March 17th in Ann Arbor
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*after this workshop there will be a planning meeting for the Society for Shamanic Practice conference.  Call Kate for details. 


Path of the Open Heart  Session 1
March 25, 2018  Ann Arbor, Mi. 

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Path of the Open Heart  - Session 2
Upper World: Teachers and Guides, Cosmology of the Shaman
April 14, 2018  10 am to 5 pm
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Society for Shamanic Practice Annual Conference
with Tom Cowan and others

September 14-16, 2018
Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, Mi.
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There are many circles in Michigan.  Please contact us for information on one in your area.



Shamanic Healing

Kate and Stephanie have provided healing to hundreds of persons and are available for healing sessions, both in person and long distance.  To see if you could benefit from Shamanic Healing or if you just want a "tune up" give us a call.   If you are not sure if you need a healing or not you may want to read some of our articles to aid you in determining if Shamanic Healing could help you.  
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Spirit Weavers, Kate and Stephanie, are happy to create for you
items of spirit and light to enhance your spiritual practice
and to promote "Lightness of Being".

Handcrafted Rattles, Spirit Bags, Drums & more
See below for more info! 

Kate Durda, M.A. & Stephanie Tighe, MSW, are shamanic practitioners who have offered shamanic healing as well as training for the past 15 years.  For their own use, as well as for their students and others in the shamanic community, Stephanie and Kate began handcrafting tools for use in spiritual practice. They create drums, rattles, personal “Spirit Bags”, and more.

RATTLES and Spirit Bags for Sale!  Can also be made to order
To order rattles or spiritbags, please contact us by phone or email us with your interest !

**** If interested in a Rattle Making workshop, let us know.
When we have enough interested folk, we'll schedule it ! ***


"Spirit Bags" are made in necklace fashion using 'knotless netting' technique and waxed linen thread. These bags are used as personal medicine bag, with totems and power objects attached and placed inside bag. Please see our website for description and availability of all items.


Rattles /Drums are handcrafted with choice of hides: cow, elk, deer, moose. We can do individual personalized items incorporating materials, designs, or elements which you want used in the making, upon request.

We also can do handpainting of rattles and drums to your specification. All gifts from the animal/plant spirits honored in the creation of these spiritual tools. Honoring Ceremonies are shared.

WORKSHOPS: Rattle-making, Spirit Bags

Rattles are very important shamanic tools, used for ceremony, calling the Spirits, healing work and journeying. Making your own tools for spiritual practice is very powerful, and a wonderful way to strengthen your connection to the Spirit World.
We offer workshops on making your own rattles and other personals spiritual items such as "Personal Altars” or “Prayer Cards". Check our website, it changes often!

Be sure to check back often as we regularly update and make additions to this site!